To keep alive the old bloodlines of Koochee dogs means that we should protect and preserve their lifestyle in the country of origin (Afghanistan)

It also means to do our best to understand the merits of Nomad breeding practices and their objectives

We should strive to keep the dogs unique genetic character and strong health

We should avoid the temptation to unnecessarily experiment with crossbreeding Koochee dogs with modern CAO's to achieve greater size, weight, or certain color or coat type

Ideally, we should help with keeping this breed in Afghanistan, and support farmers there with vaccination, medicine etc.

We should avoid exporting these dogs out of their country of origin

A serene environment in a turbulent time


In April of 2002 my heart broke, when I found out that a support organization from the Netherlands officially put a lot of dogs to sleep in and around Kabul, poisoning them under suspicion(!) of rabies.

Most of these dogs were Koochee dogs whose owners and family disappeared because of the war or other problems.

Basically, we lost so many of those wonderful old culture animals forever!

This Dutch program afforded a possibility to vaccinate against rabies, but not parvovirus. It is a foolish strategy, because the puppies born in Afghanistan cannot survive without the parvovirus vaccinations.

As it turns out, a flawed program such as this most likely killed off a lot of healthy dogs, narrowing the gene pool further, without proper commitment to help the population in general. Ignorance is very costly!

In this case, the members of the Dutch program completely failed to understand the nature of the Koochee dogs, and their position and value in our society!

Sadly, this approach is representative of the western society's attempts to interfere with Afghan culture without taking the time to research and understand it.

A landscape of abandonment